Pedro Calderón de la Barca, monólogo de Segismundo en "La vida es sueño" versión en inglés...

"Los sueños, ¿sueños son?"

The king dreams he is a king, and lives
in this deception commanding,
disposing of, reigning, ruling,
And the applause, thus on loan received
so gets in the wind written.
And in ashes Death
will turn him - great disgrace!
Who will dare so to govern
seeing himself come awake
to the sorry dream of Death?

The rich one dreams of his riches
which more care and comfort yields him;
the poor one dreams that he suffers
his sheer misery and poverty.
Dreams he who to live begins,
and he who toils and pretends,
and he who grieves and offends
and in the world, in conclusion,
they all thus what they are dream
although no one will so see it.

I dream that I am in here
with these chains and prisons burdened
yet I dreamt that I in other,
more fulsome state saw myself.
What is life? A frantic moment,
What is life? But an illusion,
but a shadow, but a fiction,
and the greatest good is small:
for life is all but a dream
and dreams are just that, they're dreams

3 comentarios:

Wil dijo...

hola!, tenia tiempo sin entrar a leerte... Como siempre me quedo pegado contigo, jaja, saludos!

Eliana dijo...

seeing himself come awake
to the sorry dream of Death?

Ha! Remind you of anything? :) Thanks for putting this up, it is a beautiful monologue.

I also think he is talking about the beauty of projecting yourself.. and our imagination [hence dreams], and in MY interpretation, it just tells me that since life is an illusion, and imagination is an illusion. Anything is possible.

vaz dijo...

Para proyectar esa belleza debemos entender, asimilar la luz, no solo verla o entenderla, hacerla nuestra y proyectaremos la belleza, thats true.

Segismundo aún no entiende, vive sus sueños, duda de si son reales o no, quienes están alrededor de él juegan con sus sentidos. Es entonces cuando piensa que en su encierro "imagina que vive", que vive la ilusión, y eso que imagina, sí, es una ilusión que se hace posible ya que termina siendo realidad (no haciéndose porque siempre lo fue). Cogito ergo sum

And I remember, of course...

Y Wil, como siempre, gracias

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