True Enlightenment

In the midst of video games, songs, love, kindness, and culture lies the Daughter of the Sun. She does not speak of hate or resentment. True forgiveness has become a hard task, but she persists on the thought. The obstacles that life has put in front of her are sealed in her mind, and the longing of her lost family kept inside her heart.

Literature has become a new way of thinking. She often sits at dawn to contemplate the beautiful scenery. This very own image fills her with inspiration and love. Literature, among other things, has taught her to appreciate life and all its components. Good or Bad. She knows there is a lot more to that world that needs her discovery. Literature needs her.

As the Daughter of the Sun, she has an immense responsibility on her shoulders. Her only goals are to enjoy the present. Sometimes, she thinks about the past and it hurts her. When she thinks about the future, she feels uncertain. As a source of enlightenment she hopes that her own path will run its course and show her the importance of her existence. Her true goals are to find LIFE. Everything else will come; money, education, lovers and properties.

By sol

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vaz dijo...

Una belleza, no esperaba menos de ti. Gracias por dejarme subirlo. Es un honor tener tus letras aqui.

sol dijo...

gracias amor :$

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