La Gran Sabana

By sol

The joys of life settled all around me and I live every minute as if it is was my last and every second like I will live forever. While I am on this earth, I find nothing that pleases me as much as being able to dream, memories of numerous family encounters, and the relaxing sound of the dripping rain as I try to fall asleep surround me.

As an antique soul, I would have my ears filled with the world’s wonders, the intoxicating sound of Kenny-G’s saxophone, and the resonating vowels of the Japanese language. I want to hear my grandmother play the piano on Sunday evenings, or the sound of my aunt’s voice as it teaches me the ways of its chords. The chirping birds that wake me up every morning, and the thunders of a coming storm, all make up the music that fills my ears day to night.

My blue eyes will gladly receive colors: all the shades of green that a Venezuelan mountain could give me, and the wide spectrum of a clouded sky. I like the red of my blood as it symbolizes the passion that all of us have running through our veins. As I love the earthy tones of wall stones that make up most of my childhood, and the sweet blues of the Greenland water, I also enjoy the snowy white of a mountain with its winter coat that fills my memories with indelible moments everlasting.

Let taste and smell be firmly joined, as the sexual encounter of first time lovers. Remembering the time I tasted sizzling Paella, and the cuisine smell that fill my nostrils exotically until this day. Give me the smell of my mother’s pillows as it is indefinite, motherly and familiar. To have the eloquent taste of a lover’s delicate mouth, and the specific scent that fills their body and soul.

And the sense of touch – last, but hardly least. I wish for the feel of a newborn kitten, and the breeze of a cold morning. I welcome the touch of fresh cut grass, and fatherly hugs. I need a soft pillow and a lending hand on a time of struggle. Cold water in the middle of the night, and hot water right before bed, but the touch that I absolutely must have, are the hands that undress my soul and connects me with my ultimate soul mate.

3 comentarios:

vaz dijo...


Speechless... so much beauty from my country and from my lover <3 todas tus letras importadas

sol dijo...

Claro bella.. this might as well be for you! * :)


vaz dijo...

La imagen de los pájaros me recuerda a cuando los escuchamos en mi ventana, justo cuando comienza a salir el sol. Sonidos pues de esta tierra, amor, nuestra tierra hermosa

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