Looking for faith

por E. Aponte

What happens if you lose faith?
You will be thing like a wraith.
Should you believe in a God?
I do, but it seems rather odd.
The world is a sea of religions,
and I drown in the confusion of despair.
Despair that takes away my faith,
Despair to know that I might never know it.
I don’t want to lose my faith.
I want to believe.
In need of an answer,
in search of the truth,
even though it may be painful
like a lost puppy I look.
I hear these religions,
like the screams of people in the crematorium,
the crying babies and the weeping mothers.
Could there be a divine force
to get me through this choking remorse?
As they try to feel their faith…
some of the lost it or
some of them didn’t,
but when you taste this salty tears
it takes away all the fears.
Don’t be afraid to cry.
Don’t be afraid of night.
Take the time to enjoy,
to smell the flowers,
to touch the snow,
to hear the leaves as they fall down slow
and the taste of the sea
as you look for love.
Enjoy them because at the end
the only faith you need is in yourself.

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vaz dijo...

Espectacular, me encantó. Gracias por compartirlo

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